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Updated: August 5, 2007

Location & Opening Hours

The public is cordially invited to the book fair at Haiku North America 2007. Books from some of the best small presses that publish haiku in English will be available.

The book fair and the silent auction will be in same room: the Linden Room at the Hawthorne Inn and Conference Center at 420 High Street, in Winston-Salem.

The opening hours are as follows:

Thursday, August 16: 2:00 pm to 5: 00 pm

Friday, August 17: 10:00 am to 5:00 pm

Saturday, August 18: 10:00 am to 2:00 pm

Exhibitor's Rates

Table Space

Book fair exhibitors can purchase space at the following rates:

Size Rate Category
9' x 2.5' draped table
Bookstores; publishers with more than 30 titles in print; other large vendors
Publishers with less than than 30 titles in print; other small vendors
4.5' x 2.5' draped 1/2 table
Bookstores; publishers with more than 30 titles in print; other large vendors
Publishers with less than than 30 titles in print; other small vendors

Space for the book fair is limited. Contact us as soon as possible in order to reserve space. The organizers will select the vendors that we think will offer the most to those who attend the conference.

Exhibitors can purchase a maximum of nine feet of space.

Spaces can be shared by up to two exhibitors.

All payments are due by the deadline identified in the Payment section on this page.

All tables will be draped in white. Each table will have one chair.

The room will not be set up for hanging posters. Table-top posters are allowed.

Publishers should not send more than two display copies of any book. Any books that have been sent become the property of the organizers on the last exhibit day. These books will be used in our Silent Auction. The Silent Auction will give each book added exposure.

All other display material will be discarded at the end of the meeting. We cannot send anything back or make any special arrangements under this option.

HNA staff or volunteers will monitor tables and take orders during opening hours. Though the organizers will not be responsible for any stolen display/sale items, the exhibit area will be locked and secure each evening.

HNA staff or volunteers will be able to accept orders by check, cash, but not credit card. They cannot be responsible for having the correct change.

Exhibitors are responsible for dismantling and packing up their own displays. Anything left at the end of the meeting will become the property of the organizers or be discarded. See also Breakdown /Shipping.

Insertion in the Registration Packet

This option ensure ensures that your catalog, flyer or promotion premium gets into the hands of each and every conference attendee even if they do not visit the book fair.

Category Rate
catalog/brochure or premium
multiple book flyer
single book flyer 
Publisher's Table/"Take One" Table

This option offers exhibitors a way to have their material represented at the meeting without having  a staff person present. You can send catalogs, brochures, flyers, order forms, or a display copy of a book/with order forms. The order forms should be designed so customers can fill it out and mail it in themselves. The organizers will not be able to take orders for anything at this table. 

Space on the Publisher's "take one" table is free, but limited. Contact us as soon as possible to be included in this option.

Payment, Deadline, and Reservation Form

Deadline for Book Fair Payment: July 23, 2007 (in hand)

Space in the book fair is limited. Contact us as soon as possible to reserve your space. Any payment and/or Reservation/Exhibits Contract/Letter of Agreement received after the deadline will be considered if space permits. 

In order to reserve space at the HNA conference, all exhibitors must read carefully our reservation form/exhibit agreement, sign it and return it with a full payment. By signing this form, the exhibitor is stating that he or she has read it entirely and understands terms and agrees to follow them completely.

Click this link to display a printable copy of this form: Reservation Form/Exhibit Agreement for the Haiku North America 2007 Book Fair.

Payment can be made by check or money order in US funds. Sorry, we cannot accept credit cards.

Note: Please make checks or money orders payable to "Haiku North America."

Send payment and a completed reservation form/exhibit agreement to:

Dave Russo
108 Cavendish Drive
Cary, NC 27513
(919) 460-8632

If an exhibitor's check bounces it is the duty and the responsibility to pay all bank fees related to this occurrence. If the payment is not rectified before the conference. The exhibitor's material will not be displayed or returned.

This exhibit payment is for the book fair only. If you would like to attend the rest of the conference (sessions and workshops, etc...), you must register for the conference.

Contact Dave Russo with any questions about the book fair: hnaweb@haikunorthamerica.com


For details about shipping in and shipping out, see Shipping for HNA 2007.

Details about breakdown for the book fair will be announced closer to the date for the conference. In general, vendors will be asked to remove all materials after the book fair closes, probably on Saturday afternoon. All books must be clear of the book fair area no later than 10 PM on Saturday night.


Exhibitors will be able up  to cancel up to August 1, 2007 with a 90% refund.  After that date, the refund will be 70%.