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Hokusai, the renowned 19th-century Japanese printmaker, loved bridges and once painted a landscape with 100 bridges in it. He saw "bridges" everywhere and included a number of them in one of his celebrated views of Mt. Fuji.

How many bridges do you see....?

For the Haiku North America conference, join us in exploring the ways that haiku serves as a bridge—between the past and the present; perception and intuition; poetry and other arts—to name a few connections.

Each workshop or presentation at the conference can be an active and engaging bridge that leads us to new understanding, crosses over barriers, and connects us more closely to each other and the art form of haiku. 

Just as we seek connection in the creation of haiku, let's make each  workshop an active—and interactive—experience for all. So . . .

How many bridges do you see?  We want to know.


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