Haiku by John Wills, Drawing by Richard Straw

John Wills was a major haiku poet who passed away in 1993. His best-known book is Reed Shadows (Black Moss Books, Ontario, 1987). In the Preface of Reed Shadows, Cor van den Heuvel wrote:

"John Will's haiku are closer to the tradition of classical Japanese haiku in their relationship to nature than those of perhaps any other English-language poet. And yet they come mint-fresh and original from the earth of North America, taking their distinctive colour and voice from its indigenous life-forms and from the soul of the poet as he responds to them with love and awareness."

Richard Straw is a haiku poet living in North Carolina.

Marlene Mountain, a significant haiku poet in her own right, granted permission for the NCHS to feature Richard's drawing based on one of John's haiku. (Please visit Marlene's web site.)

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