Photos from NCHS Events

NCHS Events
Breath to Breath: A Haiga Exhibition 2014| Last Bite: A Haiga Exhibition 2013 | Winter Light: A Carolina Haiku Gathering 2012 | Haiku in the Breeze Installation 2012 | Haiku Walk at the NC Botanical Garden 2011 | Haiku Holiday 2011: People * Haiku | Haiku Holiday 2010 | Haiku Holiday 2009 | Haiku Holiday 2008 | Haiku Society of America Winter Meeting 2008 (Winston-Salem) | Haiku Society of America Fall Meeting 2006 (Winston-Salem) | Haiku Holiday 2006 | Haiku Holiday 2004 | Haiku Holiday 2002

Photos from Other Events

Other Events
Haiku Canada 2010 (Montréal) | Haiku Society of America Meeting 2008 (Fort Worth) | Haiku North America 2007 (schedule and other info from the HNA conference we hosted in Winston-Salem) | Haiku North America 2005 (Port Townsend) | Haiku North America 2001 (Boston)

Haiga and Other Art

The Stone House (NCHS anthology) | Beneath the Willow Tree (NCHS anthology) | Willow Songs (NCHS haiku sung a cappella by Fleur-de Lisa) | Haiku: The Art of the Short Poem (film and book based on HNA 2007 in Winston-Salem) | Quilts for Rebecca Ball Rust (gift to the founder of NCHS) | Paintings and Haiga by Ion Codrescu (friend of NCHS) | Haiku Canada Holographic Haiku Anthology 1987 (gift from our Northern cousins)